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5 Tips for Styling Your Bookshelf

If you have your nose stuck in a book like Belle, it is more than likely you have more books than you can manage. As your book collection turns into a dust collection, maybe it’s time to purchase a bookshelf. However, the more you consider this idea, the more daunting decorating a bookshelf feels.

But what if I told you there was a way for your books to be styled for others to see in just five simple tips?


1) Roles Reversed

  • Show the pages of your books some love for a more antique feel to your bookshelf.

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2) Black and White

  • According to Joanna Gaines, adding white to a black background (vice-versa) creates a compelling contrast to your bookshelves, adding a nice pop to your bookshelf.

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3) Natural Beauty

  • Give life to your bookshelf by planting natural beauty next to your books.

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4) Personal Touch

  • Since the living room is a shared space, add a picture of you and your roommates for a personal touch.


5) Stacks of Magazines

  • To create dimensions, add stacks of magazines for a variety of reading material.

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