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’90s Hair Trends to Try This Summer

Picture it: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee summer circa 1998.

I had just turned seven years old. It was a season in which the 98-degree sizzling heat not only referred to the temperature, but also the name of a boyband. For my portable CD player, the soundtrack of my summer included songs from Disney’s Mulan and The Parent Trap. *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys blasted through my favorite radio station, Star 102.1 (Britney Spears had yet to make her “Baby One More Time” innocent schoolgirl debut.)

It was the summer of butterfly clips, scrunchies, up-dos, space buns, pigtails, and bucket hats.

Twenty years later, I can’t help but notice a few of these 90’s hair trends and accessories have made a comeback this summer. You go, girl! And if you’re like me and are clueless (ugh, as if!) as to how to style your hair for the humidity, I suggest trying out these fun throwback hair trends from the summer of 1998 to spice up your life and stand out above the crowd:


1) Space Buns


2) Messy Braids


3) Half-up, Half-down

4) Messy Top Knot

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