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’90s Hair Trends to Try This Summer

Picture it: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee summer circa 1998. I had just turned seven years old. It was a season in which the 98-degree sizzling heat not only referred to the temperature, but also the name of a boyband. For my portable CD player, the soundtrack of my summer included songs from Disney’s Mulan and The Parent Trap. *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys blasted through my favorite radio station, Star 102.1 (Britney Spears had yet to make her “Baby One More Time” innocent schoolgirl debut.) It was the summer of butterfly clips, scrunchies, up-dos, space buns, pigtails, and bucket hats. Twenty years later, I can’t help but notice a few of these 90’s hair trends and accessories have made a comeback this summer. You go, girl! And if you’re like me and are clueless (ugh, as if!) as to how to style your hair for the humidity, I suggest trying out these fun throwback hair trends from the summer of 1998 to spice up your life and stand out above the crowd:   1) Space Buns   2) …

5 Simple Summer Brunch Outfits

Curious to know the way to a girl’s heart? Take her out to brunch. Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food? -Leslie Knope For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than coffee eggs bacon donuts mimosas grits coffee pancakes waffles fruit coffee biscuits muffins And did I mention coffee? But what to wear to a brunch date? For me, I take style cues from a few of my favorite celebrities. Check out these 5 simple summer brunch outfits inspired by Elizabeth Olsen, Zooey Deschanel, Lily Collins, Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Grey, and the Emma’s (Watson and Stone, obviously): 1) Striped T-Shirt 2) High Waisted Skirt   3) Romper 4) High Waisted Jean Shorts 5) Denim on Denim

5 Tips for Styling Your Bookshelf

If you have your nose stuck in a book like Belle, it is more than likely you have more books than you can manage. As your book collection turns into a dust collection, maybe it’s time to purchase a bookshelf. However, the more you consider this idea, the more daunting decorating a bookshelf feels. But what if I told you there was a way for your books to be styled for others to see in just five simple tips?   1) Roles Reversed Show the pages of your books some love for a more antique feel to your bookshelf. 2) Black and White According to Joanna Gaines, adding white to a black background (vice-versa) creates a compelling contrast to your bookshelves, adding a nice pop to your bookshelf. 3) Natural Beauty Give life to your bookshelf by planting natural beauty next to your books. 4) Personal Touch Since the living room is a shared space, add a picture of you and your roommates for a personal touch. 5) Stacks of Magazines To create dimensions, add stacks of magazines …

Red, White and Baby Blue Jeans

Looking for a casual look with a trendy twist of the ’90s? My roommate and I have the perfect red, white and baby blue jeans look for you. So put your hands up, let those butterflies fly away, and move those hips as you party in these USA-inspired outfits:   Meg’s Look Nike Crop Top Dick’s Sporting Goods Denim Shorts Old Navy Flannel Thrift Store Ashley’s Look Star Wars V-Neck Target Denim Jacket Old Navy Denim Shorts Lauren Conrad