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Red, White and Baby Blue Jeans

Looking for a casual look with a trendy twist of the ’90s? My roommate and I have the perfect red, white and baby blue jeans look for you. So put your hands up, let those butterflies fly away, and move those hips as you party in these USA-inspired outfits:


Meg’s Look

Nike Crop Top

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Denim Shorts

Old Navy


Thrift Store

Ashley’s Look

Star Wars V-Neck


Denim Jacket

Old Navy

Denim Shorts

Lauren Conrad

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With freckled-pale skin and thick brunette locks, I am a people-person who, with a southern accent, will extend words of affirmation to people so that they may feel known, loved and appreciated. I experience joy in helping others find the potential in themselves. I am a visionary and an artist. Above all, I value faith, family and friendships. So what does it look like to make the most of your single life? Well, in my case, I’ve been single since ’91 (aka my entire life). At 26 years old, I’m living into that question and I hope you’ll take a walk with me as I travel down the path of singleness and what God has shown me along the way. Ultimately, the purpose of Single Since ’91 is for God to be glorified in and through the vulnerability of my writing so that finding your soul mate would not be the end result, but that Jesus would be the ultimate desire of your heart.

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