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How the Five Senses Will Change the Way You Spend Time With God.

In the hustle and bustle of my morning routine or lack thereof, purposeful time spent with God shoves its way toward the bottom of my list of to-dos. As the night sky greets me, the stars remind me that I’ve spent my entire day without connecting with God.

Why is that? How do I “make time for the creator of time?” Even though quality time is my top “Love Language,” I find it ironic that quality time with God loses its importance.

There is literally nothing more important you could do today than to spend meaningful time alone with God. -Francis Chan

Think about your five senses: the ability to see, touch, hear, taste, and smell. Oh how easy it can be to take these gifts from God for granted.

What if you applied your senses to your morning routine as a way of carving out time with God?


  • Give me eyes to see others as you see them, to look at others with compassion and intentionality.
  • Create time out of my schedule to notice your creation.
  • Protect my eyes from lust, deceit, and corruption.


  • Give me clean hands.
  • I surrender my hands to you, lifting them high in praise.
  • Release my fists.
  • Provide hands to hold knowing that you hold me in the palm of your loving and guiding hands.


  • Give me ears to listen to others.
  • Help me to be still in the silence and hear your gentle voice.
  • Captivate my ears with the sounds of your creation.
  • Shut out the pessimism, negativity, and lies.


  • Give me the words to say when I feel helpless or inadequate.
  • Let no unwholesome thing come out of my mouth.
  • Let my lips praise you, boldly proclaiming the gospel.
  • Equip me with words of affirmation, truth, kindness, and love.
  • Help me to speak out against prejudice, racism, sexism, and social injustice.
  • I desire to taste and see that you are good.


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With freckled-pale skin and thick brunette locks, I am a people-person who, with a southern accent, will extend words of affirmation to people so that they may feel known, loved and appreciated. I experience joy in helping others find the potential in themselves. I am a visionary and an artist. Above all, I value faith, family and friendships. So what does it look like to make the most of your single life? Well, in my case, I’ve been single since ’91 (aka my entire life). At 26 years old, I’m living into that question and I hope you’ll take a walk with me as I travel down the path of singleness and what God has shown me along the way. Ultimately, the purpose of Single Since ’91 is for God to be glorified in and through the vulnerability of my writing so that finding your soul mate would not be the end result, but that Jesus would be the ultimate desire of your heart.


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